Why do we exercise?

Why do we exercise?

Compared with any previous era, today’s “sports and fitness” is so valued. Squares and roads are not sports and fitness people. Physical exercise has become a synonym for health, but no one in sports is completely healthy.

In ancient times, in order to make a living, human beings had to use physical labor to obtain food, and to run and jump to escape the invasion of heterogeneity. At that time, I never thought of improving my health through physical labor or exercise. No matter whether Freud or Darwin did not mention much about sports, it might be that there was no significance in sports in their time. At that time, there was no football field or track and field, no gymnastics, no Beckenbauer, Maradona, and no sports injuries.

What harm will it bring if you don’t exercise?

Even now, other animals do not do any physical exercise, except that humans force them to exercise. However, human beings are coming from facilities such as transportation, mechanization, automation, and even artificial intelligence, which makes the human body’s function worse and worse, muscle function deteriorates, physical strength declines, and fat penetrates into every gap of the human body. What’s more, today’s humans get high-calorie foods easier than ever, and obesity is quietly spreading.

Lack of activity has caused the degradation of our living and active muscles. After human beings reach adulthood, muscle quality begins to decline with the loss of years. At the age of forty, adults lose about 3%-5% of muscle mass every ten years. Especially after 50 years old, it is more obvious that about 1%-2% is lost every year. By the age of 75 to 80, skeletal muscle accounts for only 25% of body weight. Muscle attenuation is associated with multiple factors such as resting lifestyle, nutritional deficiencies, imbalance of extracellular amino acid metabolism, and oxygen-free radical damage. In our aging process, we always think that the loss of muscle is a matter of course. In fact, when muscles are lost, our muscle strength decreases and our function decreases. When the fat ratio increases, when muscles are lost, we are more prone to fatigue. It is easy to fall, and it is more prone to health problems such as osteoporosis.

It seems that the lumberjacks and boatmen of the old age are really lucky. After a hard day’s work, when they go home and fall down on the bed, they can add more charm than when they get up and work in the morning. Today, most men’s work can only make them more ugly, so they have no other way, they have to go to the lumberjacks in the evening, that is, the gym, to do the weightlifting, boating, and sawing that people used to do. Physical labor, and we also call it “fitness”.

In space lacking gravity, the astronaut’s muscles tend to cause bone fragility, loss of calcium, and skeletal muscle atrophy and muscle strength decline in a weightless environment for a long time. In order to maintain the health of the body and delay the adverse effects caused by weightlessness, in order to reduce the physical changes in flight and maintain the physical state of flight and return, astronauts carry out an appropriate exercise in addition to scientific and rational nutrient supplementation. very necessary.

Studies have shown that no exercise or inactivity is an important killer for health

The famous medical magazine Lancet has pointed out that in 2008, an estimated 5.3 million people worldwide died of no exercise, which is even more than the number of people who died of smoking (5 million). The World Health Organization estimates that the number of people killed by the lack of exercise every year is as high as 3.2 million, and it is growing rapidly.

A study by the University of Cambridge found that approximately 676,000 people die of inactivity each year, while 337,000 people are overweight. For normal weight, overweight and obese people, the greatest risk of early death is attributed to inactivity. Obesity and inactivity often accompany each other, and the diseases caused by inactivity and obesity are basically the same, such as cardiovascular disease. Exercise is good for anyone of any weight. They also point out that lean people have higher health risks if they are not active. For obese people, people who exercise are healthier than those who do not. If you can encourage everyone to exercise, it will reduce the mortality rate by nearly 7.5%, but eliminating obesity will only reduce the mortality rate by 3.6%. They stressed that efforts should be made to reduce obesity, but physical activity should be a very important public health strategy.

Today we encourage sharing bicycles, but we should standardize and provide more convenient infrastructure, making our streets safer and more suitable for cycling. If more people ride or walk to work or go to school, this will greatly improve physical exercise. Level. Today, when shared bicycles are on the road in the city, it is a good opportunity to test the government’s decision-making. We don’t need tall stadiums and fitness facilities. We only need to provide a safer and more comfortable environment for those who walk and ride. .

Today our public health experts, doctors, sportspeople in the media, and those of us who know sports science seem to have been trying to encourage sedentary people to love sports and stick to it. Ironically, statistics have shown that physical activity does not help for life and death. People do not live much longer with physical exercise, and they are used in physical exercise for the months they get through physical exercise.

Research in sports psychology also gives the benefits of exercise and fitness. From the neurotransmitters in the human brain to the tranquility in the depths of the mind, the movement seems to play an active role. Sports portray physical exercise as a way to enhance people’s current sense of well-being and satisfaction, rather than just thinking about future health, weight loss and improving the personal image to stimulate people’s exercise.

Today we advocate “Exercise is Medicine”, which describes exercise programs and recommended students as exercise prescriptions prescribed by doctors. Exercise is a pleasant physical activity. I hope that experts will stop giving moderate exercise such as “at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week” to the patient. It should be said that sports let me know who I am, and just as important, it also let me know who I am. Through exercise I knew my body and realized that I had an obligation to take care of it. Moreover, the more I perfect my own body, the more I understand that if people do not have a perfect body, they can neither achieve the perfection of the mind nor achieve spiritual perfection.

Why do you exercise today?

When the weight begins to get out of control, many people think of starting exercise, but once they find that the expected weight can not be reduced, the exercise is likely to be left behind. Numerous studies have confirmed that as long as there is no major change in eating habits, increasing the amount of exercise is only a punishment for exercise in terms of weight loss, and the effect is not satisfactory.

Today we can provide 100 reasons for the sport. Of course, we can also find countless excuses for not going to the sport. Exercise increases energy expenditure, which is conducive to weight loss; exercise improves mood and helps reduce depression; exercise helps improve cardiovascular function; exercise improves skeletal muscle quality; exercise improves human adaptability. In short, the impact of exercise on individuals is multifaceted. The movement also promotes communication and communication between people, and people through sports and fitness also enhance understanding and complete the sublimation from the body to the spirit.

It’s time to make a choice: to take good care of our body or let time erode it. Most of the people in this world have not taken care of their bodies. They are overweight and mentally exhausted to live a mediocre life. They are at the mercy of the years, their waists are widening, and their waists are hurting. The only exercise is an important magic weapon to retain health!

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