What are the benefits of physical exercise?

What are the benefits of physical exercise?

As the saying goes, iron does not smelt into steel, and people do not exercise unhealthy. Proper physical exercise is good for your health and more important for adolescents in their growth and development.

Physical growth in adolescence is the fastest. Physical exercise allows the body to get enough oxygen and nutrients to promote its growth and development. Exercise can improve the body’s metabolism, promote bone growth, increase bone density, strengthen muscles, improve heart and lung function, and increase lung capacity. The adjustment function of the nervous system of people who exercise regularly is strengthened, and the skill is more agile and flexible. In addition, physical exercise can consume fat and increase muscles, so adolescents who insist on physical exercise can lose weight and shape a good body.

Physical exercise can also bring pleasure to people, relieve tension and reduce the pressure of learning. Because physical exercise can improve the function of the nervous system, enhance memory and responsiveness, and improve learning efficiency; at the same time, physical exercise can make young people form optimistic emotions and cheerful personality, reduce and avoid depression and anxiety.

The development of emotional and social skills is very important in adolescence. Young people can cultivate good qualities such as courage, hard work and hard work, and can bravely pursue their dreams and persist in their efforts for their dreams. In addition, participating in some team sports competitions can enable young people to feel the sense of competition and solidarity and cooperation, which will help them learn to coordinate interpersonal relationships, learn to compete and how to express their talents and strength.

In short, life lies in exercise, and health is inseparable from exercise. Physical exercise can help young people overcome physical and psychological barriers and promote their physical and mental health.

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