Protein has 3 complete proteins that have the most beneficial to the body.

Protein has 3 complete proteins that have the most beneficial to the body.

Protein is one of the three essential nutrients for human beings. The lack of protein in the elderly may lead to sarcopenia and accelerated disability. Young people or middle-aged adults also suffer from high-quality protein, which results in high fat without obesity. Where is the protein hiding? how to eat? How much is enough to eat? Professional dietitians point out that modern people’s eating habits and refined foods may lead to insufficient or excessive protein intake.

Muscles, bones, hair… and ultimately it

Cai Shumin, a dietitian at Yadong Hospital, said that protein is an essential element in the body’s large and small tissues. It is found in muscle tissue, bones, teeth, hair, keratin, and even cells. Proteins are widely distributed in humans. It produces enzymes and hormones that regulate body functions, as well as hormones, while proteins can also produce viral and bacterial antibodies and maintain a balance of blood osmotic pressure.

Wang Weixun, a nutritionist at the main hospital, said that protein is the basic raw material in the body, including the functions of tissue, growth, and repair in the body, and can also regulate physiological functions. It is also an element that constitutes enzymes, hormones, and antibodies, and can also synthesize neurotransmitters. .

Cai Shumin pointed out that when the human body feels hungry, it can produce energy and help the liver sugar to turn into glucose to supply human energy. If the protein is excessively consumed, it will be converted into fat and stored in the body through metabolism.

Diversified types account for 16% to 20% of body weight

Wang Weixun said that protein is a substance closely related to life and various forms of life activities. Every cell and all important components in the body are involved in protein. Protein accounts for 16% to 20% of the body’s weight, which is a 60 kg adult with about 9.6 to 12 kg of protein.

Cai Shumin said that there are many kinds of proteins in the human body, and their properties and functions are different. However, they are composed of more than 20 kinds of amino acids in different proportions and are continuously metabolized and renewed in the body. The amount of protein that the human body needs to consume per day is about 1 gram per kilogram of body weight, but the lower the number of calories, the more protein is needed. For example, when using a very low-calorie diet, protein intake is increased.

A complete protein has the most benefits to the body

Protein is a life-sustaining factor, and lack of protein can show symptoms such as muscle weakness and decreased immunity. Wang Weixun said that the nutritional value of food protein depends on the type and quantity of amino acids contained. Therefore, due to the different types, numbers and arrangements of amino acids, there are different protein types, which are generally divided into complete proteins and semi-complete proteins. Incomplete protein.

Wang Weixun said that complete protein contains a complete range of essential amino acids, a sufficient amount, appropriate proportions, and the greatest benefits to the body, not only to maintain the health of adults, but also to promote children’s growth and development. For example, egg albumin in eggs, muscle protein in meat, soy protein in soybeans, etc.

A complete protein, mainly animal protein

There are quite a few types of protein amino acids contained in food. Cai Shumin said that different proteins affect the body’s digestion and absorption rate. Some foods cannot supply protein completely. They are called incomplete protein foods, which have poor digestion and absorption rate. The complete protein food contains more amino acids.

Wang Weixun said that complete proteins are mainly animal proteins, including eggs, milk, meat and seafood; incomplete proteins are plant proteins, mainly grains and grains. It is recommended that vegetarians take more soy products in their diet, including soy milk, tofu, dried bean curd, and soybean hulls, which are good sources of protein.

High-quality protein food

●Beans and rice
There are reasons why these two kinds of foods often appear in-home cooking at the same time. Beans are a good source of protein, especially when used together with rice, to get the full protein. Two types of foods do not necessarily need to be eaten at the same time. Ingesting these two kinds of foods within a few hours is the same as increasing the absorption of protein in an inexpensive way.

● Eggs
Egg foods have been known for their poor reputation in recent years. However, scrambled eggs, omelets, and other egg-based foods do provide high protein supplements and do not cost too much. Without the concern of high cholesterol, eggs are a source of good protein that is cheap. People with health concerns can only eat protein.

●Milk (dairy products)
Milk, goat milk, horse milk, etc. are all milk of livestock. These milk contain a lot of protein, and the milk contains the most abundant protein. Milk can not only add enough protein but also rich in calcium. Regular drinking can effectively prevent calcium deficiency.

Fish contains high protein and is an important nutrient for the human body. The protein of fish is easily absorbed and is an important nutrient for children’s development, providing the nutrients needed for growth. And when there is a wound in the human body, such as after the knife is opened, the protein component can also help accelerate the healing of the wound. Also, the fat of fish is Omega-3, which is an unsaturated fatty acid. It contains DHA and EPA and is also helpful for eye care.

Livestock has a wide range of meat, such as cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, etc. These meats are all livestock meat. This kind of meat contains the amino acid needed by the human body. The kind of amino acid is most consistent with the amino acid in animal protein, so the nutritional value of animal protein is higher than that of plant protein.

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