Morning, afternoon, evening Which is the best time to exercise?

Morning, afternoon, evening Which is the best time to exercise?

It can be said with certainty that no matter when you exercise, it is better to move than to be lazy. However, is there the best exercise time of the day?

Everything about exercise time: fitness powder must see:


  • Biological clock “blame”
  • best time
  • Morning exercise
  • Noon exercise
  • Evening exercise

Biological clock “blame”

Studies have shown that for most people, late afternoon to evening is the best exercise time. This may be related to the temperature of the muscle: the muscle reaches the temperature peak during this time period. This promotes the metabolic process of muscle and energy. Sometimes, similar effects can be achieved by warming up.

The rise in muscle temperature may be related to the circadian clock. The biological clock controls the rhythm of the day and night in the body, playing an important role in body functions such as body temperature, heart rate and metabolism that fluctuate over time.

Best time

However, finding the best workout time is not that simple. Daily life stress, work, eating habits and sleep habits can affect the circadian rhythm and thus determine the optimal time for exercise.

Below, we summarize the benefits and disadvantages of exercise during the three hours of morning, afternoon and evening, so that you can make the right decision:

Morning exercise

Some people like to lazy in the morning, and some people have already entered the sport as soon as they open their eyes. If you are the latter, morning exercise is the best choice.

The benefits of morning exercises:

Doing exercises early in the morning will give you a full day of energy and energy;
Many gyms are empty at this time, you don’t have to wait for this to waste time;
The summer morning is cooler and more suitable for outdoor exercise;
Studies have shown that testosterone levels are highest in the morning, which is especially beneficial for high-intensity exercises.

The disadvantages of morning exercises:

When you get up in the morning, your joints and muscles are still in a tight, stiff state. Therefore, you need to spend more time to warm up in order to prepare your body.
In general, most people lack energy in the morning and need time to “start” the metabolism and cardiovascular system;

If you want to exercise before going to work, you should take a break early the night before to ensure enough sleep;
Morning exercises are a big challenge for non-morning birds.
Noon exercise
Midday running or short-term practice is a very popular way of training.

The benefits of afternoon training:

Better use of the lunch break;
If the morning work is busy, the afternoon exercise can cheer you up to rekindle and better meet the size of the afternoon;
You can exercise with your colleagues, have more fun and more motivation.
The disadvantages of afternoon training:

Limited time may be the biggest problem. If the lunch break is short, it is difficult to balance exercise and lunch;
The temperature is high at noon in summer and is not suitable for outdoor exercise.

Evening exercise
Later in the afternoon to the evening, the body is carrying out various physiological processes at full speed.

The benefits of evening training:

Muscle temperature peaks, which can greatly improve athletic performance;
You can exercise at a higher intensity because your body has enough time to rest and recover after exercise.
It’s a great way to relax after a day of work and study; after exercise, you will feel more comfortable;
The temperature in the summer evening is more suitable for outdoor exercise.
The disadvantages of late training:

If you are busy all day, it is difficult to mention the interest of exercise after work;
High-intensity exercise before going to bed can prevent you from falling asleep. The autonomic nervous system takes time to return to normal; therefore, it is recommended to end the exercise at least one to two hours before bedtime.

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