Effects of trace elements and vitamins on human health

Effects of trace elements and vitamins on human health

1 trace element anti-aging method: trace elements manganese and cobalt are closely related to body aging, therefore, eat more foods rich in manganese and cobalt, such as coarse grains, chicken liver, beef liver, pig kidney, fish eggs, crab meat, Walnut, lettuce, peanuts, etc., can delay the aging of the body.

Lack of vitamin A: dry eyes, photophobia, tears, blurred vision, dry skin, should take more carrots, animal liver, eggs, milk, etc.; often watch TV and cardiovascular disease patients should also eat more.

Lack of vitamin B1: numbness of hands and feet, poor color, indigestion, polyneuritis, and beriberi, should eat brown rice, red beans, tomatoes, peanuts and other foods. Vitamin B is important in maintaining vitality.

Lack of vitamin B2: suffering from angular keratitis, glossitis, scrotal inflammation, should be supplemented with flour, millet, peanuts, beans, meat, eggs, and other foods. Vitamin B2 is involved in the reaction of fatty acids with amino acids, giving the body strength.

Lack of vitamin B3: insomnia, bad breath, headache without cause, mental fatigue, should be supplemented with vitamin B3. Vitamin B3 is involved in the process of turning food into energy.

Lack of vitamin B5: susceptible to dermatitis, diarrhea, neuritis, should take more milk, eggs, and fresh vegetables. Vitamin Bs is beneficial for the production of certain anti-stress hormones.

Lack of vitamin B6: muscle spasm, non-healing trauma, excessive nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, should be supplemented with vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is good for maintaining the basic function of the body.

Lack of vitamin B12: loss of appetite, poor memory, lack of concentration, thin hair, pale skin, should take more animal liver, yeast.

B vitamins help the body absorb sugar, fat, and protein. During exercise, B vitamins help to mobilize these nutrients to make energy, as well as muscle repair after exercise.

Lack of vitamin C: easy to snot, swollen gums, dry mouth, dry mouth, easy to catch cold, wounds are not easy to heal, should eat more radish, bean sprouts, oranges, hawthorn and other vegetables and fruits. Taking vitamin C can make our skin full of vitality, and also promote the absorption of iron and improve the body’s immunity.

Lack of vitamin D: sweaty head, children are prone to rickets, adult bone softening, should be more sun, take cod liver oil. Vitamin D mainly provides calcium to the bones, ensuring the firmness of the bones.

Lack of vitamin E: weak limbs, easy to sweat, dry skin, split ends, nervousness and dysmenorrhea, should eat a variety of green leafy vegetables, vegetable oil. Almonds, fresh hazelnuts and malt also ensure that the body gets enough vitamin E. Intake of vitamin E can promote the healing of the damage and improve the vitality of the skin.

Lack of vitamin K: bleeding is difficult, blood is difficult to condense, should eat more vegetables, fish.

Lack of vitamin M (folic acid): infants with dystrophic large cell anemia in the gestational period, should be supplemented with vitamin M tablets, green leafy vegetables, animal liver and kidney.

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